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Best Online Community? Show Your Support!

Helloo Beautiful People! I hope you are all doing well and are keeping safe!

So as you may have heard, Lovin Malta have released their Lovin Malta Social Media Award Nominations and we need your help!

We want you to vote for The Kettle Club as 'Best Social Media Cause/ Online Community and here is why:


We have our Featured Friday

This is where we feature an artist who either works on stage or off stage and delve into what they do! Here are the people we have featured so far


We don't shy away from discussing a challenging subject.

Besides bringing the positivity into our column we also like to talk about topics which are as important but might not be as positive from Black Face to the Lack of An Artist Union to COVID-19 and its affect on the Cultural Sector, to Theatre Education being done online and also Filmmaking being a Creative Art as much as theatre is.


We don't just talk about Theatre.


Lastly, For the Love of Music.

As cheesy as it sounds, The Kettle Club does what it does because we love music. We love bringing artists together and have them meet each other and possibly network. Although we have only had 2 shows so far, I can assure that the among of positivity, joy and laughter that was at The Thirsty Lawyer was huge.

So please go ahead and Vote for us. There are only 2 days left until the applications close!

Thank you guys and Stay Safe!!!

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