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Theatre Education... Online?

Hellooo Beautiful People!!!

I hope that you are all doing well amidst this madness.

At the moment numerous courses have switched to online classes where lecturers either record their lectures via video and upload or have live video calls with students and teach there and then. Numerous students are benefiting from this as they don't miss out on work and can still keep up with their education.

However, not all students are able to do this. As a Performing Arts student, I can only talk about students in my situation. I'm not going to lie there are numerous units in which we can have our lectures online however not all.

I've spoken to 4 performing arts students about this and here's what they had to say.


Student 1: 17

Student 2: 22

Student 3: 19

Student 4: 23


Student 1: Advanced Diploma in Performing Arts Level 4, 2nd Year

Student 2: B.A. (Hons.) in Performing Arts, 2nd Year

Student 3: B.A. (Hons.) in Performing Arts, 1st Year

Student 4: B.A. (Hons.) in Performing Arts, 1st Year


Do you feel that you can benefit from online lectures? Why?

Student 1: No As I feel that our work is more practical and whilst people who are studying subjects that can be learned from reading notes and things, it's difficult with the performing arts, particularly when rehearsing.

Student 2:Yes as most of the units that are being done during this year are more theory-based so I feel that there could be the possibility of online lectures.

Student 3: No because most (basically all) of the lectures I have required a studio or workshop to be held

Student 4: Not really. I mean there are discussions that can be done online. However, since the units are mainly practical it's quite difficult to do them in a video call.


What would you suggest that a performing art student should do at a time like this?

Student 1: I think that they should take the time to read scripts and take advantage of watching performances that are free.

Student 2: Hone his or her skills however they can. If they lean on the design aspect, they could learn programs that might help them in the business. When it comes to the performative aspect, do exercises that would aid you in your respective field.

Student 3: Do research on their different fields, however since nobody would realistically do that. Maybe work on a future project you would like to do.

Student 4: There isn't much we could do, however, if the online school portal worked properly, we would at least be informed with any updates properly and also be able to communicate with the lecturers better.


Are you able to work on group assignments via skype?:

Student 1: Yes, but don’t have any group assignments at the moment.

Student 2: Yes, and there are other group call applications such as Discord or Messenger video chat.

Student 3: Yes

Student 4: It depends on what the assignment entails.


Are there any assignments in which you are not able to do due to the lack of interpersonal contact with people or lecturers?

Student 1: No as the only I assignment I cannot do is volunteer work but that is because of the situation.

Student 2: As of this moment the only assignment I can’t do is add up my hours of placement but as I stated before, most of our units are theoretical so I can work at home.

Student 3: Yes, the main assignment I am being held back on is Costume Design, as while sketches can be done online, work can’t be done without the guidance of the lecturer at the early stage of the unit.

Student 4: At this point, I am not sure as we have not even received the brief with all the assignments of this semester.

Here is what the 4 students had to say. Stay safe guys and take care of yourselves <3

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