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This is the End............

For Season 1 of Musical Mondays !

We hope that through Musical Mondays you have discovered something new: be it a new musical, a new number or even a new passion project. We hope that we have kept you company and have somehow inspired you to take the step you need to achieve your goals.

Yes. It is the end of season 1 and we are already missing it ! I promise we won't cry...

Instead, we took all the episodes and ranked them according to your feedback!

Watch below a recap of all your favorites for our weekly online show Musical Mondays, Season 1 and let us know how you would have ranked them yourself in the comments!

Don't forget to like 👍 & share our content and of course, subscribe to our YouTube Channel!'s some exclusive backstage pics to thank you for being a part of our pandemic project;

Much love from the whole team;

Performers: Cheryl Camilleri, Janice Debattista, Marelaine Formosa, Sarah Micallef Muscat, Christina Despott, Kristina Catania, Kay Lee Micallef, MarTina Farrugia, Jeremy Grech, Francesca Scerri, Matthew Grech.

Filmed by: The Bad Wolf and Brainwave productions Clint Camilleri

Directed & created by: Francesca Scerri for The Kettle Club

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