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Feel Good Musical Theatre Tunes

Hey there!

We've all just been trying to adapt to this 'way of living' (if that makes sense). There are days where we are super productive and there are days where we just procrastinate all day and do way or another we've ALL been there.

However, one thing to surely get us through this period are these feel-good musical theatre numbers.

Have a look and enjoy ;)

Times are hard for Dreamers - Amelie

Roar - &Juliet

Backstage Romance- Moulin Rouge

Work of Art - Jamie

When you believe - Prince of Egypt

If you think there are other numbers we should add to the list keep em coming in the comment section for our next #feelgoodmusicaltheatretunes segment here at The Kettle Club!

I hope you guys are all safe and being careful! Have a lovely week!

The Kettle Team


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