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A thank you to all those behind #istandwithpia

Maybe you've already heard and acted upon it or maybe you don't exactly know what we're on about just yet. Here's the low down;

Something alarming just happened..

The Headlines speak for themselves. On Thursday the 3rd of December the Court Justice of Malta threw away a libel case against actress Pia Zammit who was wrongly accused of being somehow supportive towards Nazism after playing a character that carried the swastika symbol on her costume.

The very fact that this libel was dropped is not only an injustice to the actor herself but also a very dire moment for all local artists who have practically just been told that 'Freedom of expression' is just an idea. A mirage. Simply not on the table.

As a community of theater performers, producers, coaches, professionals alike , we feel the need to stand united more than ever and stand our ground to such limitations. Performers should not be fearful of facing defamation when accepting a job!

Here's a heartfelt thank you to all those who rebel against being oppressed;

And here's a little Musical Interlude while you scroll that fits to the theme :)

We're positive we missed many of you or your friends out there - if we did - feel free to tag them to this article and be part of the support system for a fellow thespian. :)


The Kettle Team

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