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COVID-19 is another reason we need an Artist's Union

Peeps as time passes, we are getting more and more information about COVID-19. As this keeps happening, numerous events are being postponed until we get an all clear on this virus.

During this past week, numerous theatrical performances have been postponed.

This, unfortunately, affects numerous freelancers financially. Some artists are lucky enough to have a full time elsewhere and so be somewhat covered. However, there are some artists who work in the arts full time and performances are their only income.

This blog entry today is a continuation of my last one. The lack of an Artist Union in Malta.

If you missed it here you go.

This past week numerous freelancers have posted their concerns about how this virus is affecting their income

Here is what Philippa Cassar (part of the Sister Duo band, The New Victorians) posted.


Here are some of the comments that were made to her post by other performing art freelancers

Some performing arts freelancers even posted asking if something could be done to help freelancers whose sole income is just their freelance work.

"Culture" 2 days ago released 2 statements.

Here Culture Venture is urging funders and sponsors to not ask for grants back seeing as money has already been spent and tickets need to be refunded.

They also posted saying that they have set up free legal and art management advice in such difficult times

In a crisis like this, an Artist Union would be able to help artists. Numerous artists have lost thousands of euros worth of work and lots of money has gone down the drain. Postponing a show and reorganizing it on new dates is a lot of money for both the artists and the venue.

If we had an Artist Union, there could be a possibility that during such time, freelancers get some form of income in order to be able to live. Obviously the amount would depend on whether a freelancer is a full-timer or a part-timer or project-based.

An Artist's Union could help the freelancers organize and re-plan a performance.

During such a tough time, let's stick together and face this head-on.

Be safe out there and take care of yourselves!

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