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Stupid things to do with your family at home

“Proven to lift spirits and bring even a smirk on even the grumpiest person’s face”

I have always been an entertainer...even though my work has been currently put on hold for an indefinite period, this quarantine business ain' t stopping me from entertaining and bringing smiles to people around me! Here are a few fun activities you can do at home; (I took the liberty of providing you with some examples on #tiktok - follow me ta!

Photo by: Stefan Varga

Activity ONE

Instead of simply saying ‘good morning’ or ‘hello’, we call this one THE BUMFLUFFER.

As soon as anyone of your family members turns around, gently rub your behind with theirs and wish them a ‘Good day!’. If you’re feeling frisky, pass your energy on to them and give them a good wiggle or bum massage. 😉

Remarks: Can also be used instead of a good night kiss

Warning: For taller individuals, you may need to bend at the knee

Video Example:

Activity TWO

We’re sitting on the couch or the bed for prolonged periods of time and thus one needs to ensure our bodies don’t suffer from irreversible damage. So here’s where you come in.

AT ANY POINT THROUGHOUT THE DAY, stand up and reach out both your arms to any family member (preferably that’s sitting down). Crank up the music and have yourself a 1 MINUTE DANCE PARTY!

Sing at the top of your lungs and move/stretch in every funny possible manner you can think of.

Some songs you can do this to: (Chose some oldies for the older members in the family)

· Mamma Mia

· Knock on Wood

· La Bamba

· Great balls of fire

· Rock around the clock

· These Boots are Made for Walking

Remarks: Even if members fail to cooperate, do it anyway. Be annoying. You’ll still make them smile.

Warning: Avoid doing it if your family member is sleeping to avoid injury.

Activity THREE

Conversations around the house tend to become repetitive and boring soo…time to spice things up with WEIRD SENTENCES!

Amidst any conversation, you can casually throw in any of the below mentioned weird words. You can be even more fun if you can add a British or Cockney accent midway through ANY CONVERSATION for example:

I’m BUMFUZZLED! Should I cook thy a Chicken or a dish of Pasta??!”

No one will really know what you’re saying. Have them guess the meaning or simply explain/ show what the term means.

Keep those minds active! Keep things light! Keep things weird! The more annoying and loud you are, the less boredom around the house.
  • Agastopia — (n) admiration of a particular part of someone’s body

  • Argle-bargle — (adj) copious but meaningless talk or writing

  • Bibble — (v) to drink often; to eat and/or drink noisily

  • Billingsgate — (n) coarsely abusive language

  • Blatherskite — (n) a person who talks at great length without making much sense

  • Bobsy-die — (n) a great deal of fuss or trouble

  • Borborygmus — (n) a rumbling or gurgling noise in the intestines

  • Bumfuzzle — (adj) confused, perplexed

  • Cacophony — (n) a harsh, discordant mixture of sounds

  • Cattywampus — (adj) askew

  • Collywobbles — (n) a bellyache

  • Conjubilant — (adj) shouting together with joy

  • Curmudgeon — (n) a bad-tempered person

  • Doodle Sack — (n) Old English word for bagpipe

  • Discombobulate — (v) to disconcert or confuse

  • Dipthong — (n) two vowel sounds joined in one syllable to form one speech sound, e.g. the sounds of “ou” in out and of “oy” in boy

  • Finifugal — (adj) afraid of finishing anything

  • Fipple — (n) the mouthpiece of a recorder or similar wind instrument

  • Flummox — (v) to perplex someone greatly

  • Frankenfood — (n) genetically modified food

  • Fudgel — (v) Pretending to work when you’re not actually doing anything at all

  • Funambulist — (n) a tightrope walker

  • Futz — (v) to waste time or busy oneself aimlessly

  • Gibberish — (n) unintelligible or meaningless speech

  • Groke — (v) an old Scots term meaning to look at somebody while they’re eating in the hope that they’ll give you some of their food

  • Hullaballoo — (n) a commotion

  • Ill-willie — (adj) having an unfriendly disposition

  • Jentacular — (adj) pertaining to breakfast

  • Kakorrhaphiophobia — (n) fear of failure

  • Kerfuffle — (n) a commotion or fuss

  • Lackadaisical — (adj) lacking enthusiasm or determination

  • Lamprophony — (n) loudness and clarity of enunciation

  • Lollygag — (v) to spend time aimlessly

  • Macrosmatic — (adj) having a good sense of smell

Remarks: Flashcards will be useful. So will 18th-century costumes.

Warning: Some elders may still not get what you’re trying to do even if you explain. If so, just do it for yourself.

Activity FOUR

We’re not only turning into giant turds of comfort food, but we’re also becoming even more dependent and engaged to our phones and tablets. HIT & SING is a great wake up call when both participants are seated on a sofa...or if your family members are of a younger age bracket you can do this literally anywhere.. heck, why not even while on the 'Throne'. ;)

All you have to do is gently hit the person sitting next to you and sing half a sentence of ANY SONG…quickly say the words ‘Continue the song’ and allow the other participant to continue the song. Other participants can go next and vice versa, keep going until you both give up and give in to your lockdown boredom once more.

Remarks: Be thoughtful of your song choices. Your father will most probably not know who Ariana Grande is! Go for Frank Sinatra, Beatles, ABBA, Elton John, etc, etc.. Also… the hitting part can actually be more fun than the actual singing… go hard or go gentle – depends on your family member.

Warning: When hitting, ensure the phone or tablet doesn’t fall to the floor or out the window. Start gently….be cautious.

I hope the above will be somewhat helpful to a few of you. Each and every activity can be amped up with photos, videos or music, therefore, be as creative as possible. If not for your own sake, for everyone else’s. Everyone is listening to the news, everyone is anxious, everyone is stressed and let's face it, everyone is a little bit depressed, so tiny outbursts of laughter throughout the day will be very helpful and can actually help bring your family closer together.

Make memories and stay safe guys!




Photo by: Stefan Varga

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