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Photo by: Stefan Varga

Hi everyone, it’s my time on this blog.

My name is Rumen and I help and support The Kettle Club since it’s beginning.

Part of my support comes as a filmmaker and as such, I am heavily affected by the coronavirus outbreak. As much as I love chilling home (don’t lie to me you do as well…) we all have bills to pay.

All of my work is being postponed indefinitely, I have not received any new bookings and I have had people asking for a refund on their deposits because of an “act of God” situation.

Luckily a few days ago the Maltese government announced new financial aid which includes "Creative, arts and entertainment services” which will support business owners or self-employed

(such as me) with up to €800.

When I saw that I told myself: “Cool, finally those taxes I paid my whole life are being used when I need them the most. And filmmaking is definitely an art, It’s a creative business for sure - I don’t really know how more creative you can go that making films right?" - WRONG!

Apparently my field is not worthy of receiving financial help!


After Malcolm Debono, who is a DP (Director of Photography) and Wedding Videographer, shared the news with us on Film/ Tv Work Malta (popular Facebook group for filmmakers and actors in Malta). The angry comments followed like a foreigner Maltese tour guide.

Some say that they are doing this with the assumption that broadcast and Tv is unaffected and actually doing well now.

I guess they have no idea what business model TV has and how much it relies on paid adverts.

But even if they did well… How many broadcast TV stations are there in Malta? ….3-4 definitely I can count them on my fingers.

Also, how many independent filmmakers/photographers and production companies are in Malta?

The film and photography industry is so huge I don’t understand why would they ignore it in such a way?

It seems like they had NO ONE in the room when they were taking decisions who has any idea what entertainment is.

ENTERTAINMENT is not just bars and night clubs you guys…

A big part of the entertainment provided at the moment on TV and/or online is thanks to these exact companies. I am an independent filmmaker and I am struggling! I don’t want to think about the big production houses who have big teams to pay, who are still paying rent for their studios, who pay a loan for the high-quality equipment they’ve bought to do their work.

And we are not the only one!

There are so many other CREATIVE BUSINESSES that are not included that to me this sounds a bit like a joke.

Dear Malta!

I believe you care about your residence and I understand you are trying your best to support them in these difficult times. But please DO recognize ALL of The CREATIVE, ART AND ENTERTAINMENT services which is a major sector in Malta that is suffering.

Thank you! Please share if you agree!

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