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Just Another Collective with a brand new show coming soon!

Helloooo Beautiful People!

I hope you are all having a lovely week and that you have a lovely weekend!

Last week The Kettle Column started the Feature Friday content and it kicked off with a success.

This week I had the pleasure of speaking to the creatives behind Just Another Collective and their upcoming show 'Salad Days: A how-to guide on puberty'.

Just Another Collective was created by Nikki Demajo Albanese, Steffie Weenink and Robyn Vella.

I asked the brains behind Just Another Collective how and why they created this and they explained,

Left to Right -
Left to right - Steffie Weenink, Nikki Demajo Albanese and Robyn Vella

"The three of us have all been working in theatre and performance for quite a while now, and we reached a point in our training and studies where we felt we wanted to do something on our own. We had loads of ideas and knew many other young artists (including ourselves) who were itching to get to work. So we set up Just Another Collective!"

They wanted to create a platform where they could bring their numerous ideas to life.

They want to use Just Another Collective as "a testing ground for new work" and have it act as a "springboard for young performers, writers, and creators".

At the moment the Collective is preparing for their upcoming show 'Salad Days: A how-to guide on puberty'.

Poster Design - Giulia Abela

"It is basically a reflection on what it is like to be a teenager.

No matter where or when you ‘grew up, there are some things that most people will experience during puberty. A first love, changing bodies, learning how to socialize… puberty can be tough!

But we generally make it out of that time somewhat unscathed. So how did we do it?

Through ‘Salad Days: A how-to guide on puberty’, we want to look at the things we experience and the way we handled them."

This is a brand new show from start to finish. The trio knew that they wanted their first performance to be about puberty. They explained that the one thing they definitely had in common was the awkward teenage years.

They didn't have a set script nor a narrative right from the start. Their audition process was workshop based and upon finding the cast, they spent several months hosting R&D weekends with the actors. After the R&D weekends, the girls started to put together a group of characters where they build their relationships with each other and from there create a narrative.

Eventually, the 'Salad Days: A how-to guide on puberty' script was created.

Once the script was done, Steffie, Robyn, and Nikki started to follow a more 'traditional' process. This they explain includes, "character work, improv and lots of discussion". They also explain that their superb cast (Adam Ryan, Leah Davies, Martina Zammit, and Mikaela Vella) have brought a lot to the show and that their energy in the rehearsal room is so admirable. They are all ready to try new things and have the script be brought to life in a way that was never expected.

Left to Right: Adam Ryan, Mikaela Vella, Leah Davies and Martina Zammit - Taken by Mike Paris

What can YOU expect from this production?

The Collective said that,

"You can expect to laugh, cringe, feel a little bit uncomfortable, and to find yourself remembering what it was like to be a teenager. Spoiler alert, though: ’Salad Days: A how-to guide on puberty’ might not actually help you navigate through puberty. Because in all reality there is no ‘guide’ to puberty - we kind of have to make it through in our own way."

‘Salad Days: A how-to guide on puberty’ has been postponed due to Covid-19 however the Collective will soon be out with new dates! Keep your eyes peeled to their page for updates!

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