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Giving back to society!

Good Morning Beautiful People!!!

I hope that you're having a good weekend (even though we are all stuck inside).

During this time of social distancing, even though physically it may be easy to stay home and work from home, mentally it can be challenging.

Steffie Weenink - Photo by Johann Caruana

A theatre-goer, A theatre creative and a potentially upcoming true crime YouTuber :D. Earlier today she uploaded a video where she talks about the past 10 days in isolation and reflects on her mental health journey from 2013 until now.

Steffie explains that she found an old journal of hers from 2013 (That's 7 years Steffie...7 years :D). We see a montage of her keeping herself occupied whilst social distancing. During this, there are voice-overs where she reads excerpts from her journal.

Tuesday 17th December 2013

' I just sit and I stare because that's all I could do and I don't really want to do anything cause right now I just sort of existing here in my room and that's pretty much it'

1st May 2014

'When I wake up there is a single second of a piece of silence before it all comes flooding back to me and I crave that second for the rest of my day. So I stay inside, I stay in my bed hoping that I can isolate myself from everyone and everything and keep that second of peace and silence around me'

Steffie explains that without her wanting to, during this difficult time at home constantly, she is reverting back to those old thoughts she used to have years ago. She thinks about things that she does not want to be thinking about.

During this time, our mental health is going through a lot and sometimes it is too much for us to handle alone. Yesterday Psychology students posted to Facebook saying that they are offering their services for anyone who needs to talk to someone.

Kudos to these students for giving something back to society. As Jessica says in her post 'We're in this together, you are NOT alone'

So guys call your friends and your families. Stay in touch! We can all get through this!

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