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Why You Should Watch Tonight's Livestream!

TONIGHT at 8pm on The Kettle Club Facebook Page and Youtube Channel, watch the Kettle Club's first show all the way back in January!

Now that you know when and where, let's convince you why you should watch this live-stream, straight from the people who were there to witness it live. Let's get into it.

1. If you're a fan of musical theatre, you have to be there.

This show offers a line up of so many well-loved musical numbers, with a little Kettle twist on each and every one. Be prepared to see your favorite songs from Grease, Hamilton, Rent (and so many more) like never before!

2. Up and coming performers with incredible voices and stage presence.

Their hard work and dedication were extremely evident, all with super infectious energy. They each bring something new to the table and we definitely should look out for them in the future.

3. Have a drink and sing along!

In the show, we were encouraged to sing with the performers and, as an audience, it has never felt more alive. For once, you could sing your favourite musical song out loud and people joined in! While we can't be there now, you can still pour yourself a glass of wine for that special touch to your night.

4. Watch West End Maestro Andrew Hopkin's mastery of the piano.

Andrew was definitely a highlight in the show, especially with his own interactions with the audience. He always made us laugh and his interaction with the performers on stage made us want to know what he's going to do next! (PS. Yes, we definitely let out our inner fangirls when we found out he worked with THE Dame Julie Andrews!!)

5. Don't miss your chance!

If you didn't manage to watch it back in January, don't miss it now! And for those who were there, let's reminisce together!

A big thank you goes to all the sponsors who made this evening possible!

Especially to The Bad Wolf for capturing the whole event so we are able to show it to you tonight!

The performance will only be available for 24 hours, so take the opportunity to let out your inner musical freak and enjoy the show! We will be there with you TONIGHT at 8 pm on The Kettle Club Facebook Page and Youtube Channel!

Share this with ALL of your musical theatre friends so they don't miss out!

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