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We Are Back!

Helloooo Beautiful People! I hope you are all doing well and you’re all safe!. Us Kettle Clubbers at the moment are feeling quite bummed out that we were not able to hold our next event Disney VS Pixar …


We have decided to livestream our January show!! This will be happening Friday 22nd May at 8pm on our Facebook Page and our Youtube Page!

The cast will be watching the livestream with you and any questions you have or comments do ask and say on the livestream and the cast will answer!

We cannot wait to share this expierence with you again!

Do note that the performance will only be available on Youtube and Facebook for 24 hours! So do not miss out this chance to watch our performance!

For those of you who have watched it, come watch again and reminisce on the fun time you had at the event.

For those of you who did not manage to watch it, now is your chance!

Friday 22nd May at 8pm on our Facebook Page and Youtube Channel

Like our page and subscribe to our channel for a reminder!

See you there!!

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