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This is what went down on Opening Night!

Updated: Feb 16, 2020

Hello Beautiful People!!

Welcome to the first article at.... The Kettle Column :D


First off let's introduce The Kettle Club;

Here's a very short summary from the creators themselves:

"We’ve always been wondering where the best place to hang out is, and we always felt that we haven’t yet found the right one. So unknowingly, we’ve put ourselves in search of a spot…or more like a space where we can express our love of theater, music, and creativity with other like minded individuals… As you might realize - this community has only just begun - so we are truly hoping for Theater lovers, producers, performers etc to join forces and work towards one goal - Raise awareness for the art, raise the standard, and possibly bring about the chance for people to actually take on Theater as a full-time career.  

So, with a little push from Francesca's event planning skills and Sarah's PR skills - The Kettle Club was born!"


You're probably wondering what it really is though. It's basically a safe space in which musical theatre lovers can come together every two months (for now) and share the same passion for anything theater.

At the moment The Kettle Club is working on numerous works which are in the pipeline however we cannot mention everything so here are some exciting upcoming things:

First up we have our auditions this weekend for our next event Disney VS Pixar on the 27th and 28th March 2020.

We cannot wait to see new faces and not so new faces! We can't wait to see what you auditionees have in store!

This time around we have 3 shows for you! The 27th and 28th evenings we will have shows for 17+.

On Saturday 28th however we will be doing matinee show just for kids! So anyone who is 16 years old and younger, can come to this matinee show. (Parents are also invited of course)

So spread the word peeps cause we have a great show heading your way!


Secondly, The Kettle Club also is launching our own YouTube channel with the first video featuring "My New Philosophy" performed by Charlotte Formosa at the Opening Night. She really gave this character life and created it to her liking under the mentor-ship of our 2 directors, Francesca Scerri and Sarah Micallef Muscat.

We could not have done this show without our amazing sponsors

Afterglow Events CMYK Advertising Justin Mamo Photography The Tink Shop Sognid'oro The Thirsty Lawyer The Creative Hub and last but certainly not least Uncle Matt's Kitchen Let's not forget to mention The Bad Wolf a production company and its director Rumen Aleksandrov who supported us by providing us with numerous beautiful videos that you can enjoy.

Now sit back enjoy the clip and don't forget to subscribe to our Youtube Channel so you don't miss out on our weekly content! :)

Thank you for taking the time to read this column and I hope that you stay up to date here. :)

Kettle Column over and out.

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