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Mondays & Musicals? What's going on???

That's right, this pandemic has made us rethink most of our plans for this year... it did take as a while BUT we are here! We have finally made the move to bring you Musical Theater ONLINE!!!

We're keeping things short and sweet so here's really all you need to know!

What is it called?

We are pleased to announce that our very first online show is called Musical Mondays!

As you can see from our brand spanking new logo, we're going for a retro vibe and we can't WAIT to see what you think about all this! 🤗


When does it start?

Well, our very first episode will stream live on Monday (duuuhh) 12th Oct at 8.00 pm!



On 3 Channels baby!

How long will it last?

We will be publishing 11 weeks of content, meeting 11 local performers, and showing you 11 different musical numbers!


Why should I watch it?

For starters, there's not much theater going on nowadays, so this will partially quench your thirst for some much needed live stage performances.

We are pretty sure that you are going to LOVE analyzing every single detail and being the little critic you know you are! :)

Of course, this will not beat the adrenaline rush and the magic that you'd normally experience when going to a live theater but we all know that we now have to adapt to the new form of normal.

As much as it's going to suck for us theater lovers, we are the ones who must appreciate these efforts most of all! #appreciatethelittlethingsuhekk


Why Musical Mondays?

Our aim here at The Kettle Club was always clear. We aim to further increase the opportunities available for local artists with the hope of bringing about the possibility of creating full-time careers within the industry.

We know that this is going to be a long haul but, with the right attitude and determination we WILL continue to increase awareness about the art form, we WILL keep organizing events

(within the Covid-19 parameters of course) and we WILL strive for fair and equal reimbursement rights for all local artists!

So...Musical Mondays is basically a stepping stone to a much wider and longer road to success.

Who's in it?

Well to answer this question - just check out the Trailer and....give it a share will ya? :)

Lets take a moment to really appreciate some people who believe so much in the project that truly made all of this possible!

Rumen Aleksandrov - The Bad Wolf

He has not only given us his time and effort but the whole company also used all their filming equipment, lighting, and resources to ensure our final product looks top notch!

Rumen has understood our vision from day one and does not shy away from bringing new ideas to the table that we can utilize - it has been a pleasure working with the team and we look forward to more exciting projects together. We can't thank The Bad Wolf enough!

All editing, branding, visuals, and small changes were handled with utmost professionalism and promptness. - If you need to film a Music video, advert or program you have The #Kettleblessing people! 🙌

The Powerhouse Team was fundamental to making this show exceed all of our expectations. They helped us build our set, they've set up and programmed all the lighting, and also provided us with an actual stage, sound equipment, and a beautiful 5m x 5m LED Wall that truly helped us bring you more magic to our performances. All the team was super professional, attending to our every need and request. They made sure everything looked just right and stayed with us till the very end...and by this we mean even very late in the evening. Thank you, Mark, Luke, Liam, Tim, Alan, Archie, and Chiara!! We look forward to having you with us again when we finally get to go live on stage again!!!

And of course, we can't forget:

Afterglow Events - Brainwave Productions - Squishlink

See you on Mondays for the next 12 weeks guys and Share this with ALL of your musical theater friends so they don't miss out!

Love, Hugs, and Dramatic pauses,

The Kettle Team

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