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Malta gives a Standing Ovation!

If you live on this little tiny Island you could very well hear the noise coming from all localities last night at exactly 9pm.

Maltese citizens from every locality came out together to celebrate the great service being given by all Healthcare workers and specialists by making noise and clapping in windows, balconies and front porches.

Just like in the Theater, when performers receive a standing ovation it not only makes the cast feel good, it also ensures them that their work has been appreciated and thus encourages them to move on to more challenging projects.

I asked this question to a couple of performers: Have you ever received a Standing Ovation? If so, how does it make you feel ?

Jeremy Grech said: "makes you feel proud"

Maxine Aquilina said: " It was incredibly over whelming. After all the hard work for months and years of dreaming of the role, I was totally overwhelmed and tearful. "

Kersten Graham said: "It's the best feeling in the world! It motivates me to improve my product more"

Valentina Grillo said: "Satisfied and grateful. A reason to make more art"

Ray Calleja said: "It makes you feel valid although not always necessary. Appreciated. And gives you a kick up your bottom to keep on giving your 150% because anything less becomes a failure/dissapointment."

Photos: Maxine Aquilina, Ryan Paul Abela, Urdine LaVerve, Kersten Graham, Jeremy Grech, Valentina Grillo and Ryan Calleja

Ryan Paul Abela said: "it’s one of the best feelings in the world. Knowing that what you did is appreciated that much, its surreal."

Undine LaVerve said: "it's an overwhelming feeling. I felt love and I felt so grateful, I felt like I managed to communicate my message through my art, and as I am primarily a dancer, without words. And of course, I feel empowered! "

So, It's very evident that the power of a standing ovation motivates artists to keep moving forward regardless of the sideline critics because they know that their work is making a difference. It's brightening someone's day, It's making that student get through the exam pressures, It's making that single mom get through a tough time, It's alleviating someone's anxiety even if its just for a short period of time.

And of course, this small gesture we all did last night will encourage and motivate our front liners in this very difficult time.

THANK YOU - all health care workers! We're in your good hands!


BRAVA MALTA ! - Always support local.



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