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Updated: Mar 2, 2020

Hello beautiful peeps!! I hope you all had a lovely long weekend.

This weekend the two brains behind this great adventure known as The Kettle Club were sitting behind a table watching numerous people come in to audition for our next event Disney VS Pixar.

Auditions are somewhat like tests or exams aren't they. Some people have no problem with them but some others struggle with them.

I for one am part of some others.

When I had auditioned for the first show of The Kettle Club I actually started to forget the lyrics to the song and started to make up words on the spot.

Safe to say Fran and Sarah appreciated it so much so that now I'm here part of this team of workaholics bringing this column to you.

Peeps here are some tips and tricks to ace your audition!!!

Tip 1 Prep Work

Be prepared! Yes I know it's obvious however sometimes things tend to slip and we forget things. Whether booking a time slot for your audition or having one given to you, make sure you know where the location of the audition is.

Also, be aware of what it is you need to bring with you to the audition. If it is a singing audition: ask what song best to bring in or better yet if an audition pack is sent, read through it and see what is asked of you.

Tip 2 - A day before your audition

The day before your audition you should run through what you are going to be singing.

You should prepare what you will be wearing (think smart yet comfortable to work in.).

You should also prepare everything you need for the day in a bag and have it ready to go.

Make sure all the documents needed including music sheet and resume are there and clearly marked.

Tip 3- The day of the audition

Wake up nice and early and warm-up. Run through what you will be doing just once so you would feel safe enough and good to go. Leave early and think ahead in terms of traffic and finding parking. Try and keep your schedule before your audition free.

However, after your audition try and stay busy so as not to overthink it.

Tip 4 - During the audition

- Walk-in with confidence and a smile.

- Be nice to whoever you meet in the room.

- Be honest but stay positive.

- Take a breath before you start don't rush into it.

- In the end, thank the panel and the pianist.

Lastly - Have Fun

Yes, I do find it weird to have fun in an audition however if the panel sees that spark...

Well, who knows? 😉😉

For now, that's all beautiful people.

Until the next column ❤️

PS. If you want to stay updated on what the Kettle Club is up to (I.e Auditions, shows, and workshops), don't forget to sign up to be part of our mailing list.

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