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Time is TBD



Quiz Night

After a long slumber period...we’re slowly working towards getting back to what we love doing most! Join us for a non-sophisticated night out on Saturday 21st Aug at Uncle Matt’s Kitchen in Msida. Feel the rush of adrenaline coursing through your veins and show your true self

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Quiz Night
Quiz Night

Time & Location

Time is TBD

L-Imsida, 5, Triq ix-Xatt ta' Xbiex, L-Imsida MSD 1510, Malta

About the event

T & C’s:

  • Places are limited. Teams should be made up of 2 members or more. Maximum team of 6 players.
  • All Health and Safety protocols will be followed and anyone not following such measures will be asked to leave the premises (so don’t rebel like Beetlejuice)
  • All attendees must present their vaccination certificates at the door.
  • Food and Beverages can be ordered on location and paid for separately.
  • The event will be documented via Photography and Videography.
  • Unless the event is canceled, tickets will not be refunded.
  • There will be no tickets available at the door.

Check out the Quiz Night Rules below:

1. Quizmaster/Judge’s decisions will be final! No correspondence shall be entered into and red and yellow cards may be issued along with the deduction of points.

2. Pre-competition things to do:

(a) Select a captain for your team. Among other duties, this person will be responsible for

(b) All mobile phones, tablets, etc to be turned on mute and placed into the provided container prior to each Round commencing. Select a captain for your Team. Among other duties this person will be responsible for handing in final answers and choosing best team member for impromptu challenges.

3. The Trivia Competition will consist of 60 questions: 5 rounds with 12 questions in each round. Questions will be read twice only.

4. Maximum team size is 6 persons. If you are smart enough to go with be it! Once a player has left the competition they will not be allowed to rejoin until the completion of the current round of questions.

5. Correct spelling on the answer sheets is not required, however, answers must be legible and the quizmaster/judge must be able to easily recognise your answers (not applicable for spelling questions). More than one answer per question will automatically be scored as incorrect unless there are multiple answers.

6. Answer sheets will be collected and distributed to other teams for marking at the completion of each Round.

7. Between each Round will be a short interval where novelty games will be played. Points may be deducted from teams if a team doesn’t fully participate in each game. Please see Rule 15.

8. There is no polling the audience and/or no ‘phone a friend. Resource materials and electronic devices (computers, mobile phones, PDAs, etc.) are strictly prohibited for use at the tables. Should it be necessary for you to use your cell phone for a call, you are asked to leave the room and will not be permitted to re-enter until the end of that round.

9. Team scores will be posted for all to see at the end of each round. The quizmaster/judge has the final say on any disputed answers.

10. Keep your team discussions to a low roar unless you want the neighboring team to eavesdrop, or alternatively, discuss loudly an incorrect answer and hope they WILL be eavesdropping. Anything goes. Team taunting is definitely allowed. ;)

11. Cards may be issued throughout the evening to individuals and/or teams. Any individual or team receiving 2 yellows will automatically be given a red card and asked to leave the venue until the end of the Round. In the event of the 2nd Yellow card, is issued to the team, the team captain will be asked to leave the venue.

13. HAVE FUN!!!

14. Free drinks will be given out and thus, you shall drink them.

15. Final and most important rule, see Rule 1.

* Masks are to be worn at all times throughout the event except when seated at the table to eat or drink.

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